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Hi, my name is Cathleen Foster. I'm a Membership Advisor at The Agent Circle and a Louisiana-licensed Real Estate Broker. My specialization is real estate agents; I love real estate agents and know they are a valuable resource to our network, their community members, and their local areas. As their real estate concierge, I believe in providing services to enhance real estate relationships between agents and their clients/customers. I guess you can say, I am the agent of the agents.

The Agent Circle is a network of local real estate agents who are client-focused and community-minded and believe in growing their businesses through meaningful relationships.

Our members are top-notch trustworthy real estate professionals who take pride in providing client-tailored services to meet and exceed their client's needs. They are knowledgeable about the real estate industry, especially in their local communities.

Get to know your go-to community real estate agent as an advisor, resource, and community leader. They are truly an asset to the real estate industry and bring value through their commitment and dedication to their community and its members.

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