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We are The Agents

Hello! Welcome to The Agent Circle. Whether you are here to find your community go-to real estate agent or to inquire about becoming a member of The Agent Circle, we are happy to have you. Browse the agent profiles and save their digital business card to your contacts.

The Agent Circle is a group of real estate agents from various brokerages throughout the United States who have connected in an effort to enhance the real estate experience for their clients, their communities, and the real estate industry as a whole. Each agent exercises expertise in their local market making them the go-to real estate agent of their community.

Connect with a go-to community expert near you through The Agent Circle. Our members are trustworthy real estate professionals.


Is The Agent Circle a brokerage?

No, The Agent Circle is not a brokerage; therefore, we do not sponsor any of our members’ real estate licenses. Each member is from various brokerages from the United States.

Does The Agent Circle collect commissions or referral fees?

No, The Agent Circle does not collect real estate commissions or referral fees, only licensed real estate brokers/brokerages can collect real estate related commissions and fees for the sale of real estate property.

Who can be a member of The Agent Circle?

Only actively licensed real estate agent who are members of the National Association of REALTORS® can become a member of The Agent Circle. 

How many members will represent a community?

Only one member (real estate agent) will represent a community (city). They will have exclusivity of their area as the go-to community real estate agent for anyone looking for advice, recommendations, and support.

Who can benefit from using The Agent Circle directory? 

Everyone can benefit from using The Agent Circle directory. Get to know an agent in your community through The Agent Circle. They are an asset to the community they serve and to its members. Our members represent their communities with pride.

What if I am not ready to buy or sell a home? Can I still connect with an agent in The Agent Circle?

Yes, our members are resources to help you outside of a real estate transaction. They are experts of their communities who can guide you through getting to know more about the community.  

Can I find a Referral Partner in The Agent Circle?

Yes, you can find a vetted and verified referral partner in The Agent Circle. Use our organized directory to search an area to find a go-to agent ready to assist  

I am an actively licensed real estate agent. How do I join? 

Send us a message through Facebook Messenger with the city you would like to represent. If it is available, we will conduct an interview to ensure you are the right agent to represent The Agent Circle and your local area.

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